Sarah’s life has always been intertwined with sheep and wool. From an early age she was picking tufts from fences and twisting them in to yarn.

At the age of 13 Sarah started breeding Rare Breeds of sheep and learning to spin, weave and dye. There was a natural progression in to studying Agriculture and so ultimately running her own sheep farm was no surprise.

Sarah is a textile artist with a passion for feltmaking that originates from her love of sheep. Living in the New Forest her work reflects her desire to connect with nature and the importance of sustainability.


Felt is the earliest non woven fabric known to man. Water, soap and friction cause the matting of fibres to produce strong pieces of textile. Sarah believes in the continued support of the British Wool industry and as such source much of her fleece locally.

Feltmaking was a progression after having to disperse the flock when her father sold his smallholding. Sarah now has over twenty years of experience in teaching feltmaking from school children, adults with learning difficulties to community projects.

She currently runs her own textiles business teaching, exhibiting in the UK and internationally and selling her work though galleries and online.

The work she produces is not only functional but has colour, texture and tactile qualities. Using both traditional and innovative techniques she aims to show the diversity and qualities feltmaking can be taken to and pushes the boundaries with her work.

Sarah’s work is usually in relief and very often three-dimensional. She is a very ‘hands on’ person and loves the tactile feel of felting. Each piece she produces is unique and loves that fact it can never be replicated. Felt making is a passion, her life and in her soul.